Leaving people and their environments in a better place than we found them


“When planting the seed for Hoffman Design Group in 1991, I did so with a vision: Every person’s life should be inspired and delighted by nature within each space in which they live, work, and play.

This vision has come to life in many ways as Hoffman’s interior plantscaping, exterior landscaping, floral design, and seasonal display business has grown and flourished. The foundation of this growth has been impeccable personalized service, a superior product, attention to detail, and highly satisfied clients.

We continue to embrace our core values: Honesty, Integrity, Stability, Delighting our Customers, and Employee Fulfillment. We also continue to look for ways to make our clients’ spaces, from large atriums and hotels to conference rooms and urban exteriors, all they can be – naturally.

Hoffman Design Group has been nationally recognized as a leader in the green industry and provides award winning design services in Center City Philadelphia, suburban Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Our prized, top quality designs can be seen in some of Philadelphia’s most prestigious buildings.”

- Bryan Hoffman


Meet The Founder:

Bryan Hoffman

Visionary, self-made businessman, horticulturist, vintage & antique collector, interior designer, mentor, Bryan Hoffman is many things. His day job is as CEO of Hoffman Design Group and Principal of HOT•BED, two of Philadelphia’s leading biophilic institutions.

For over 25 years, Hoffman has shown the City of Brotherly Love how to build a business, foster a community, and most importantly, how to throw a party. His vision for Philadelphia as a leading force in contemporary cultural on the east coast has contributed greatly to the city’s burgeoning art and design scene. Hoffman currently resides in the heart of Center City Philadelphia with his partner Jim Lonsdale.

To see more of Bryan’s work in person, please feel free to join us at our next gallery event!


          For over 25 years, Hoffman Design Group has believed in conserving the well-being of this planet and in working alongside our clients to create clean, healthy and sustainable environments. It is important to us that we treat our environment with respect by integrating green practices into our business and lives every day.

As a result, we were recently recognized as the first business in Pennsylvania to become Green Earth–Green Plants® certifiedfor environmentally-responsible business practices and eco-friendly operations. To achieve this certification, we were put through a rigorous assessment on our interior and exterior facilities, vehicle usage, recycling program, horticultural practices, staff education and efforts to give back to the community. In addition, we were commended for our almost entirely pesticide free practice, our extensive information sharing with staff and clients through workshops and newsletters, as well as the consistent environmentally responsible behavior of our technicians. How?


Meet The Team