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Kimpton Hotel Palomar Green Room

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Hoffman Design Group began in 1991 as a horticultural design company. Over the last 27 years HDG has grown into a flourishing company with over 30 employees and hundreds of satisfied clients over the years. Hoffman has become an active part of our community here in Sharon Hill, PA and well-known in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Our wide range of clientele includes corporate hotels in Center City, to brides in Ambler, PA.

You can read more about Hoffman Design Group, our team and the story behind how it all started by clicking below.


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In order for an environment to thrive, plant life is vital



Cleaner Air

Cleaner air means less employees getting sick. It’s really a win-win…win. Plants, as we know, convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, but they also help to eliminate toxins and harmful compounds.


Increase Productivity

Plants add more to a space than just a decorative touch and a trendy vibe, research has shown that plants can increase productivity and employee satisfaction by up to 15%. The proof is in the peonies, plants make people happy!


Reduce Stress

Active interaction with indoor plants (like touching & smelling) can reduce physiological & psychological stress. Even the potting soil contains microbes that work as natural antidepressants.


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