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Available Positions

Horticultural Technician

We are always seeking enthusiastic, friendly and individualistic applicants to work with us at HDG! Horticultural technicians work independently and interact with clients on a daily-basis, so you must be personable & self-reliant. (Should also have a genuine love of plants!)

Responsibilities include:

• Deep understanding of and knowledge of plants and their needs
• Ability to ID and treat any plant-based pests or disease
• Ability to be self-managed & self-motivated
• Ability to communicate with administrative team, in a timely manner when needed
• Working outdoors in all weather conditions
• Flexible availability is preferred


• 2 + years of horticultural experience
• Pro-active, hard-working, and punctual
• Excellent communication skills
• Proper pruning and planting skills
• Knowledge of seasonal garden maintenance routines
• Willingness and ability to learn
• Must be able to drive a 14 ft truck
• Must be able to dig and lift 50 lbs with ease
• Valid driver’s license and SS#
• Hardscaping and carpentry experience is a plus
• Must be energetic, motivated, hardworking, honest, reliable, responsible and love working with plants.

Hourly compensation: $14 - $15

Seasonal Positions


Display Installation Crew Chiefs

Crew Chiefs are in charge of overseeing the loading, unloading, installation, and takedown of holiday décor for new and existing holiday goods.

Hourly compensation: $16-$18

Display Production Lead

The Display Production Lead is responsible for leading the efforts of creating holiday display decorations and displays (including lighting, decorating, and refurbishing new and existing holiday trees, wreaths, and garland with ornaments based on pre-designed packages.

Hourly compensation: $12-$13


Display Decorators

Display decorators are responsible for lighting, decorating, & refurbishing new and existing holiday trees, wreaths, & garland with ornaments based on a pre-designed package. Duties also include labeling, cataloging, and packaging completed goods in preparation for installation is necessary.

Hourly compensation: $12-$13

Warehouse Assistants

The responsibilities of the Warehouse Assistant includes assisting with daily warehouse operations, general maintenance, and safety. Warehouse assistants also help with the organization and of inventory.

Hourly compensation: $12-$13